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7-day Raid in the Heart of Morocco

7-day Raid in the Heart of Morocco

7-day Raid in the Heart of Morocco

Prepare to conquer sand dunes, rocky deserts, beaches, cedar forests, argan groves, and flowing rivers. Dry sandy, rocky, and muddy riverbeds await, alongside narrow mountain trails, dirt serpentines, and Mars-like plateaus. Countryside trails, gorge bottoms and tops, and a touch of asphalt to reach essential locations.

This journey is packed with highlights reminiscent of the world's best rally-raid tracks, but set all here in the wilder part of Morocco. As you traverse diverse terrain, you'll witness the authentic rhythm of life in the mountains. Watch children's faces light up as you pass, and feel the camaraderie and team spirit grow with each passing mile.

Get ready to experience Morocco in a way you never imagined, leaving only tire prints in the sand and memories etched in your heart.

Day 1: Landscapes in Motion

Your journey begins with ever-changing landscapes. Canyons and red rock walls rise before you, punctuated by scenic viewpoints and charming valleys. Lunch is served amidst the natural beauty, followed by a night spent amongst the cedars in a mountain arboretum.

Day 2: Rocky Desert to Mountain Majesty

Traverse the rocky desert towards the imposing High Atlas Mountains. A delicious lunch fuels your journey, culminating in a stop at a foothills settlement. Here, you replenish supplies before ascending towards the peaks, where breathtaking views of towering summits await. Overnight in the heart of the mountains.

Days 3-4: A Mountain Symphony

Immerse yourself in the mountain's symphony. Days filled with panoramic vistas and thrilling trails, punctuated by refreshing lunches, offer a truly unforgettable experience. Nightfall finds you at Amizamis, where a welcoming hotel with a restaurant, bar, and pool awaits. On the 4th night, experience Moroccan hospitality at a simple mountain inn, embracing the essence of the land.

Day 5: Trails and Waterfalls

Descend the mountain paths towards the dramatic Immouzzer waterfalls. En route, discover a cave with a hidden water reservoir, where the adventurous may take a dip. After lunch, relax in a beautiful hotel with a breathtaking mountain view and a refreshing pool. Dinner at the hotel restaurant and a comfortable bed await you.

Day 6: Desert Meets Ocean

Embark on a journey that blends desert and ocean. Follow mountain trails that lead to the red dirt trail among the palm trees to the mesmerizing desert by the ocean. Lunch on the way allows you to savor the changing landscapes. As the sun sets, arrive at the Timlaline Desert camp, where magical sand sculptures sculpted by the ocean and wind create a unique atmosphere. Enjoy a delicious dinner by the fire under the vast night sky, followed by a peaceful sleep in your desert tent.

Day 7: Unveiling Hidden Gems

Uncover the region's hidden treasures. Witness an awe-inspiring natural arch bridge, explore wild beaches and dramatic cliffs, and marvel at a roofed mountain shelf offering stunning gorge views. Savor fresh seafood lunch at a charming fisherman village. Next, travel along the ocean until you reach the sand dunes near Essaouira. Enjoy thrilling dune bashing as the sun sets, painting the sky in vibrant hues. Celebrate your adventure with a farewell dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. Overnight in a comfortable hotel, and the next morning, a transfer to the airport awaits.


  • Daily distances range from 100 to 200 km.

  • The itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions.



  • 7 breakfasts

  • 7 lunches

  • 7 dinners


  • 3 nights at a comfortable hotel

  • 1 night at a mountain inn

  • 3 night at a desert camp (all the necessary equipment included)


  • Full guide support

  • Equipment and buggy rental

  • Fuel surcharge

  • Insurance

Not Included

  • Flight tickets

  • Alcohol

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

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