The Land of Hidden Gems

The Land of Hidden Gems

We love calling Morocco the land of hidden gems. Not just because it sounds cool, but because it's finally not an exaggeration! It's as true as can be. Look for yourself:

If you've ever tried to plan a trip to Morocco's nature with some hikes or off-road trips, you've most likely faced a lack of information. Google Maps has some locations, but go guess how reliable that is. There's a very, extremely, extraordinarily small amount of information about tracks and routes. With the most popular and known destinations, you won't find much trouble; surface-level information is very accessible, and you may even find some decent trekking maps.

What about the unknown? What about those places that dodged the wave of digitalization and global tourism?

You get to go and see it with your own eyes, walk it like good old times.

And let us tell you, it's a great feeling to add those new(old) places to the map. To rediscover them and review places from a different angle to show them to our guests. To figure out why they're named this way and what's the story behind.

It's meaningful, you know. We understand, of course, that we're not the discoverers of those destinations. Maybe rediscoverers, though?

If you have been to Morocco, share in the comments some hidden gems you found!