Moroccan deserts

Moroccan deserts

Today we want to talk about our Moroccan deserts and why you should go there while in Morocco

Desert is an area of landscape with severe dry climate. They are formed by weathering processes as large variations in temperature between day and night put strains on the rocks, which consequently break in pieces. Although rain seldom occurs in deserts, there are occasional downpours that can result in flash floods. Rain falling on hot rocks can cause them to shatter, and the resulting fragments and rubble strewn over the desert floor are further eroded by the wind.

Deserts are occupying around 14% of the whole terrain (not including the polar deserts of Antarctica and the Arctic) and the biggest desert in the world is Sahara Desert, located in the whole territory of Northern Africa.

Morocco has two major Saharan dune systems – or ergs, as these vast seas of shifting, windswept crests and valleys are correctly called. Erg Chebbi is located near Merzouga, just 20km from the Algerian border. It stretches 50km from north to south, with iconic dunes that tower up to 150m high. Erg Chegaga, 50km west of M’Hamid, is less easy to access – you’ll need a camel or 4x4 to get there.

There’s also the Agafay Desert, which is NOT part of the Sahara desert but it doesn’t mean that it should lack the tourists’ attention. It is located thirty kilometers in the South of Marrakech and extends over several hundred acres. This rocky desert, can be likened to a sand desert. And its white dunes stand and landscape are similar to the Sahara dunes. So, basically it’s like a Sahara desert but is much closer to the city and more accessible.

Another wonderful place is Timlaline desert that we visit in our raids. It's covered with amazing sand sculptures made by wind and ocean. One of the favorite places to visit from Agadir.

Why do you think tourists are eager to visit a desert? Well, because it’s a unique experience! During the day you can have so much fun there – for extreme seekers there are buggies that will take them up and down through the sand dunes on high speed, those who is looking for a more calm day can ride a camel or visit a breathtaking and cooling oasis. During the night you can stay in a camp in the desert and enjoy the night sky far away from a busy city and warm yourself up around a fire pit, drinking delicious Moroccan tea and learning about Amazigh and Nomad cultures.

A2A is making your dream come true – we show you deserts without a need to drive for hours away from the city. All you need to do is to contact us and we help you find the most suitable tour for you.