Adventure Tourism Heaven

Adventure Tourism Heaven

In the vast world, there is a hidden gem that many overlook: Morocco. This captivating country boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and untamed wilderness, making it a haven for adventure tourism. Unlike its more popular counterparts, Morocco remains undiscovered, waiting to be explored.

When you consider the geography of this country, it's difficult to ignore the fact that you can begin your day swimming in the ocean and end it in the mountains, bundling up in thermal underwear and clutching your cup of hot tea tightly as temperatures drop as low as -5 degrees Celsius. Not to mention the diverse landscapes and climate zones you'll encounter while traveling from one location to another. This is what truly distinguishes this country.

While we've all heard about the Sahara Desert and Mount Toubkal, which are indeed must-visit destinations in Morocco, the country offers so much more excitement! It has numerous points of interest that often make us question, "Are we really in Africa now?" It feels truly extraordinary.

From coniferous forests reminiscent of the Russian North, to canyon rivers that make you wonder if you're in Utah or Colorado while rafting through whitewater, to untouched slopes similar to those in Kyrgyzstan that entice you for a freeride in the powder. Countless wild beaches and natural monuments are scattered everywhere you go.

Just around Essaouira, we have created over 1000 km of round trips catering to all tastes, from gentle family adventures to hardcore dune buggy conquests. And Essaouira is not even known for being "adventurous" yet.

And there are still so many places waiting to be discovered...

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