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Moroccan Dunes Odyssey

Moroccan Dunes Odyssey

Moroccan Dunes Odyssey

5-day Adventure with Exploration Experience

5-day Adventure with Exploration Experience

5-day Adventure with Exploration Experience

Imagine yourself driving through a vast expanse of golden sand, the wind whipping through your hair and the roar of the engine in your ears. You feel adrenaline coursing through your veins as you tackle steep dunes and navigate narrow trails. This is the real exploration experience, and it's all waiting for you in Essaouira. Embark on a thrilling buggy adventure in Essaouira, combining three completely different round trips:

  • Practice on smaller dunes south of Essaouira.

  • Enjoy a sightseeing trip to the east.

  • Engage in the real exploration experience to the north.

Tackle challenging dunes, explore hidden gems, and experience the thrill of a lifetime as you climb up vertical sand walls.

Engage in an authentic Moroccan adventure, combining off-road buggying, cultural experiences, and delicious food in Essaouira.

Day 1: Guided Tour and Buggy Adventure

Depending on your arrival time, we may adjust the order of activities to ensure the best possible experience. We recommend booking direct flights (see below) or arriving in Marrakech, where we can provide a transfer to Essaouira for an additional fee.

Upon arrival, we will help you check into your authentic riad in the medina of Essaouira. Then, we'll begin our first activity.

  • Discover Essaouira's history with a guided tour.

With a local guide, you'll learn about the town and its many attractions. Visit historical sites, bargain at the souk (local market), and sample argan products, for which Essaouira is famous.

  • Lunch at one of Essaouira's best restaurants.

We've chosen the most interesting, unique, and gastronomically exciting restaurants in Essaouira, so you can experience the full range of Moroccan and international cuisine.

  • Your first buggy adventure.

After lunch, embark on your first off-road adventure. Transfer to our buggy base in Ghazoua (a 10-minute drive from Essaouira) for a safety briefing, driving instructions, and equipment.

Let's rock and roll!

Through the groves of Essaouira, you'll reach the sand dunes, where you can test out your new travel companion: the Polaris RZR XP 1000, a racing buggy made for the harshest conditions.

In the sunset light, embrace the beauty of the ever-changing dunes and see several picturesque locations, such as the Cap Sim Ocean Cliff, the Old Lighthouse, and ancient Roman roads passing by the Oussan Wind Generators.

You'll cover around 35 km south of Essaouira, taking about 3 hours.

After your first ride, return to your hotel to wash away the dust and prepare for dinner.

  • Dinner at one of Essaouira's best restaurants.

  • Overnight in a medina riad.

Day 2. Relaxing Sightseeing Buggy Day

Today, embrace the peaceful beauty of the Essaouira countryside.

  • After breakfast, transfer to the buggy base, get equipped, and prepare for a full day of soft adventure.

Through rural areas and mountain trails, you'll reach some of the region's most exciting destinations: the Artificial Lake Viewpoint, the Kasbah of the Exiled, the Grotte of Saint Lalla Takandoute in the magnificent Gorge of Zelten River, the Oasis El Kassab, the Ancient Sugar Factory, and the groves of Essaouira. This day you will cover around 100 km.

  • Enjoy a full meal lunch at one of these stops. Not just a picnic, but a real meal in a picturesque place.

Along the way, you'll see canyons, groves, cross riverbeds, and make stops with panoramic mountain views, where you can take amazing pictures. The lucky ones might even spot legendary goats in the trees.

  • Dinner at one of Essaouira's best restaurants.

  • Overnight in a medina riad.

Day 3. Exploration Experience

After breakfast, head to the buggy base to get equipped and ready for an adventure.

Once you've tested yourself on different terrains and distances, it's time to become one with your buggy and explore the most difficult terrains to the north of Essaouira.

Through groves and real forests that seem like they're from another continent, and through a river ford if you're lucky, you'll reach a wonderful wild beach, where it's just you, your buggy, and the ocean.

But it's not time to relax yet, because the adventure is just beginning.

Turn around and see the real wild dunes, completely untouched. GPS won't help you here - the dunes change all the time. All you have is a direction: north.

Climb up the enormous dunes shaped by the wind. It's almost like driving up sand walls, but anything is possible with buggy beasts.

And there are no words to properly describe the excitement you'll feel when you face the vertical sand walls with your gas pedal to the floor. The dunes south of Essaouira that might have seemed scary at first will start to feel like a sandbox when you conquer the dunes here.

Your guides are ready to help you out and teach you how to overcome these obstacles safely and fun.

Once you pass through the dunes, you'll find yourself in the vastness of the ocean, with viewpoints on rocky cliffs and a cave underneath.

You'll go further and find more dunes with plenty of blue fishermen boats on the sand, surrounded by temporary lakes right in the sand that appear and disappear during the season.

Then you'll rush on the max speed on the empty beach to the next turn through a village to a quiet coniferous forest trail that will surprise you with the variety of the trees and plants.

  • Here is where you're going to have lunch in the shadows of the trees.

After that you'll jump off the trails to quickly pass by the road to the Olive Gardens and drive down the river bed leading to the Bismoon Cave.

Take a short hike up the hill to find out what's so peculiar about this cave, besides the wonderful view. It's going to be the last stop before getting back to the base.

  • Dinner in one of the best restaurants of Essaouira

  • Overnight in one of the Riads of Medina

Day 4. Get to know Morocco Better

Start your day with an exciting argan workshop, where you'll have an authentic cultural experience with a local family. Then, savor another gastronomic experience, immersing yourself in the local cuisine.

Spend the rest of the day enjoying local activities, such as shopping, surfing, kiting, and wandering around the medina.

In the evening, we'll meet at a restaurant to share our day's experiences.

  • Farewell dinner

  • Overnight in a medina riad.

Day 5.

In the morning, it's time to say goodbye.

Our groups often become like family during the trip, thanks to the shared emotions. We always exchange contact information, and because our tours are not for everyone, we tend to attract like-minded people who often continue traveling together after our tours.

We welcome you to contact us and plan your trip. Our dates are flexible and there is no minimum group size requirement.

Make your stay in Morocco adventurous.


Transfer from Essaouira Airport and back

4 nights in a riad of Essaouira (Twin/Double for Share the buggy and Single for Solo Drivers)

Rent of the buggy, safety equipment and fuel surcharge

Full board meals through out the tour:
4 breakfasts
4 lunches
4 dinners

Travel Insurance

Non inclus

Flight tickets

Additional activities in Essaouira during the rest day



Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

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