4 days

Chasing Landscapes

Chasing Landscapes

Chasing Landscapes

4-day Raid with Desert and Mountains

4-day Raid with Desert and Mountains

4-day Raid with Desert and Mountains

A unique and immersive experience of the region, showcasing its hidden gems and natural beauty. The tour takes participants off the beaten path, visiting secret spots, remote villages, and stunning landscapes. The tour also offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, swimming, camping, and exploring historical ruins. This gives travelers the opportunity to experience the region's culture and history in a hands-on way.

Day 1: Secret Spots and the Desert Dunes
Distance: 120 km
  • Drive through sand dunes near the Atlantic shore, groves, rocky fields, and mountain trails with panoramic views.

  • Visit secret spots that no one else can show you.

  • Have lunch in a fisherman's village with fish caught the same day.

  • Walk on a roofed mountain shelf with a view of a gorgeous valley.

  • Arrive at the desert dunes of Timlaline Desert and be surrounded by natural sand sculptures at sunset.

  • Enjoy a Moroccan tajine sitting by the fire next to your tent.

Day 2: Mountains and Waterfalls
Distance: 100 km
  • After breakfast with a panoramic view of the ocean from the desert dunes, head to the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains.

  • Pass through valleys that will amaze you with their changing scenery and colors.

  • Have a picnic at a viewpoint and then head straight to the Imouzzer waterfalls in the mountains.

  • Arrive at your hotel and have a full meal lunch and a short break to shower and rest.

  • In the evening, climb up the hill with buggies to enjoy the sunset view and hike around the area.

  • Return to the hotel to spend the night.

Day 3: Valley Way to the Cave and Cedar Arboretum
Distance: 130 km
  • After breakfast, head down the mountain to the first destination on your way: a magnificent cave with a water reservoir inside. The most adventurous can even swim there!

  • Drive through countless beautiful valleys with a stop for lunch.

  • At the end of the day, arrive at the cedar arboretum on a hill to camp overnight.

Day 4: Back to Essaouira
Distance: 100 km
  • After breakfast, drive to one of the biggest kasbahs in the area: the ruins of Asghar fortress.

  • Have a picnic in a picturesque place.

  • Head up a mountain to a viewpoint on the artificial water reservoir, Barrage Zerrar, which supplies Essaouira with fresh water.

  • Drive downhill and be surrounded by canyons with vertical walls of red rock.

  • Get to the ruins of the ancient sugar factory.

  • Drive back to Essaouira through the groves.


Transfer from Essaouira Airport and back

2 nights in a camp
2 nights at a hotel
Camping equipment

Rent of the buggy, safety equipment and fuel surcharge

Full board meals through out the tour:
4 breakfasts
4 lunches
4 dinners

Travel Insurance

Not Included

Transfer from outside of Essaouira

Accommodation the night before the tour

Flight tickets



Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

Dates are open, please reserve your spot in advance

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